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Story featured on CBS Sunday Morning about the whistling language of La Gomera - click here

Click here to see video of of our June meeting - Wade Falcon - "Casa de Falcon: Falcons of Louisiana"
Click here for the PDF of Wade's presentation - PDF

Links to Galveztown archaeology articles

Facebook page for Galveztown dig
Article written by Rob Mann on Galveztown
Myrna Arroyo's blog regarding the dig

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Wade Falcon's website on Colonial Spanish Families of Louisiana -

East Baton Rouge Parish Clerk of Court's Website

A 20 year index of genealogy for Terrebonne Parish -

Huge, searchable national database on the Civil War -

The US Library of Congress has recently made available an interactive on-line index to the more than 15,000 names included in the 88 volume work Enciclopedia Heráldica y Genealógica Hispano-Americana of Alberto and Arturo Garcia Carraffa. The index also encompasses the continuation work by Endika de Mogrobejo, and displays a list of the libraries in the US that have the Carraffa work in their collection. By using this search engine you can find the names, volume and page number where the names appear in the Enciclopedia. The index is located at: Index to the Enciclopedia Heraldica Hispano-Americana of Alberto and Arturo Garcia Carraffa. . We have added this information to our Lookup Your Surnames web page.

Index of deaths from the Baton Rouge Gazette 1820-1853 -

Paul Newfield's Brass Cannon Site -

Genealogy index of the Falcon family -;m=N;v=falcon

An article detailing the many varied repositories and sources that are available for researchers in the Canary Islands. (En Espanol) -

Genealogy index for the Terrebonne parish genealogical group.  Many Canary Island names are indicated -

A site on palaeography (study of reading old handwriting), useful for deciphering old documents -

A beautifully written story of one of the ancient heroes of the Canary Islands, a chief named Doramas, and how his name has come down to us in the 21st century.  The site also includes genealogical charts for the Doramas family. (En Espanol) -

Brief history of the Canary Islands migration to Spanish America along with ship passenger lists -

Information about Spain's involvement in the American Revolutionary War, including information about Galvez and the Canary Islanders in Louisiana. -

History of Lanzarote -

LIBRO - Library of Iberian Resources Online -

This shows the flag of the Louisiana Infantry Regiment, used during the Spanish period.  It would have been our ancestors' regimental flag -^1779.html

Somos Primos - An online publication dedicated to past and present articles, events and information concerning Hispanic heritage issues -

Documents from the Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas (1576-1803).  Contains information on some Islenos. -

Information about the Archivo General de Indias -

The Regiment of Louisiana Flag and Uniform (Requires Adobe Acrobat) -

Canary Islanders Descendants Association (St. Bernard) - (NO LONGER ACTIVE)

Los Isleños Heritage and Cultural Society (St. Bernard) -

The Canary Islands past and present:

A series of articles on the history of the Canary Islanders in Louisiana and their relation with the Acadians.  (En Espanol)

*The link above is a PDF file that requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you have problems viewing it, you can download the reader here.

Coastal area of Tenerife covered here, historical discussion of persons in the XV & XVI centuries (En Espanol) -

Tenerife News -

Pictures of the Canary Islands (lots of really great pictures here!) -

An online magazine about the Canary Islands.  Has some good cultural information (En Espanol) -

State Archives Online Multimedia Archives -

Canary Islands Descendants Association of San Antonio, Texas -


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