Name and information Contact telephone number
LeRoy and Jeanette Alfonso - their home in Meraux was destroyed.  They evacuated to Baton Rouge after surviving Hurricane Katrina in the attic of their home.  LeRoy is fluent in Spanish. 504.756.5958
Donald Ansardi - his home in Eastern Plaquemines parish, south of St. Bernard was destroyed.  Only rubble remains where his home once stood.  He descends from many Canarians on the maternal and paternal sides of his family. 504.583.7094
Dorothy Louise O'Toole Benge - Dorothy is presently serving as President of the Los Islenos Heritage and Cultural Society.  Her mother, Maria Luisa Molero O'Toole, donated a 19th century dwelling which became El Museo de los Islenos.  Dorothy left New Orleans August 26, 2005 and is in residence in Tyler, Texas. 903.570.0743


The Honorable Henry J. Rodriguez, Jr. - President of St. Bernard Parish - Mr. Rodriguez never left St. Bernard Parish.  He and his fellow councilmen were stranded on the roof of the city hall of St. Bernard parish for four days.  Between 17 and 18 feet of flood water surrounded the building.  Henry Rodriguez and the councilmen commandeered flat-bottom skiffs and rescued several hundred people from room tops who lived near the city hall. 504.722.9813
Rhonda Rodriguez Hannon - Rhonda is Henry's daughter.  She serves on the Board of Directors of the Los Islenos Society.  Rhonda's home was destroyed by a tidal wave. 504.615.9322


William Hyland - Mr. Hyland is immediate past president of Los Islenos Heritage and Cultural Society.  He also serves as Historian of St. Bernard parish and director of the Los Islenos Museum Complex.  He has been in residence in Baton Rouge since August 27, 2005.  His home in Meraux was destroyed by flood waters. 225.924.0845
Jerry Estopinal (Estupinan) - Mr. Estopinal is a school teacher and member of the Board of Directors of Los Islenos Heritage and Cultural Society.  His home was destroyed by flood waters.  He is in residence with his maternal uncle in Stillwater, Oklahoma. 504.722.5741
Wayne and Elizabeth McDougall - Wayne is an assistant district attorney for St. Bernard parish.  Elizabeth is director of tourism for St. Bernard parish. They are both Canarian descendants.  Wayne and Elizabeth left St. Bernard August 27, 2005 and are in residence in New Roads, Louisiana. 504.495.1183


Ricky Robin - Mr. Robin and 11 members of his family survived Hurricane Katrina aboard his trawl boat the Lil Rick.  Ricky sleeps aboard his trawl boat and uses a skiff to travel to his fishing village, Yscloskey, where he is cleaning his home.  Ricky's house is only one of seven structures still standing in Yscloskey-Shell Beach. not available
Charles "Charlito" and Cecilia Robin - Charlito speaks fluent Spanish and is a commercial fisherman.  His sons are Ricky, and Charles Robin.  His wife, Cecilia, is the docent at El Museo de los Islenos.  Their home is still standing, but severely damaged.  They are living in a refugee center in Lafayette, Louisiana. 504.421.1418
Charles Robin III - Mr. Robin took fifteen family members aboard his trawl boat and survived Hurricane Katrina.  His home in St. Bernard village was severely damaged by wind and flood waters. not available
Calvin and Cinda Melerine - Calvin is a member of the Board of Directors of Los Islenos Heritage and Cultural Society and is an active member of the Canary Islands Descendants Association.  He and his wife almost drowned in their home when a tidal wave generated by Hurricane Katrina destroyed Chalmette.  They escaped in a skiff to the Mississippi River levee where they remained for five days.  They are now in residence with friends in Dry Prong, Louisiana. not available
Jerry Alfonso - Mr. Alfonso is a founding member of Los Islenos Heritage and Cultural Society.  He is fluent in Spanish.  His home in Chalmette was destroyed.  He and his wife are living with friends in Wisconsin. not available
Walter "Naco" Alfonso - Mr. Alfonso lived with his wife and family in the fishing village of Yscloskey.  His home has been reduced to rubble by the hurricane.  He, his wife, and son are living aboard their trawl boat. not available
Irvan Perez - Irvan Perez was evacuated from St. Bernard four days after the hurricane.  He has gained renown as a decima singer and folk artist.  His wife, Louise, died earlier this year.  He is in residence with his grandson, a medical doctor, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  He is a founding member of both Canarian descendents organizations in St. Bernard, but is active in the Canary Islands Descendants Association. not available
William Guarino - William Guarino is president of the Canary Islands Descendants Association.  His home was flooded and is severely damaged. not available
Barbara Deogracias Robin - is past president of the Canary Islands Descendants Association.  Her home in Caenarvon was flooded. not available
Lynn Robin Gray - Lynn Gray lives in Slidell, Louisiana.  Slidell was severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina. not available
Alfred Perez - His wife, Daisy, died earlier this year.  His home in Violet was destroyed by flood waters.  Mr. Perez is in declining health, but is active in both Canarian descendants organizations. not available
Herman 'Dudut' and Eurilda 'Nuna' Alfonso - The Alfonsos are both Spanish speakers.  'Dudut' has been very active in Los Islenos Heritage and Cultural Society, which they helped to form in 1976.  Their home in St. Bernard Village was flooded and is totally uninhabitable.  They are living with friends in Alabama. not available
Hurricane Katrina struck St. Bernard parish Monday, August 29, 2005.  Tidal waves generated by the hurricane have devastated every part of the parish.  Not one single home in St. Bernard is habitable.

Because so many residents failed to evacuate St. Bernard before the hurricane, entire families are divided and residing in communities across the United States.  Electrical and communications systems were completely destroyed by the hurricane.  Communication with the outside world is virtually impossible at this time.

The above list gives a small cross-section of conditions prevalent the Canarian descendants community presently.

This information has been gathered from several sources and may not be completely accurate.  We have had no personal contact with any descendant listed with no contact information except Walter Alfonso.  Please call anyone with listed telephone numbers for additional information.



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