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For those looking for a dedicated and successful researcher, genealogist Mr. Juan Ramon Garcia Torres resides on Gran Canaria and can be at your service for researching family records. He has already provided help to some of the members here in the group. He has been a significant contributor to Genealogias Canarias, a website dedicated to Canary Island genealogy.

See his work here:
See his work here:


Mr. Torres' main focus is the island of Gran Canaria, but he will try to service the records of the other islands. Here’s a list of services:

• Transcripts of sacramental records, wills, dowries, sales, etc. from the 16th century and on.
• Transcripts of ecclesiastical or civil events or procedures, as well as, searches in the Museo Canario, in reference to existing documentation.
• Research and investigate family genealogies, with transcriptions of sacramental records. 
NOTE: Customer should supply either an archive location documentation or detailed record reference/source documentation. For sacramental records, customers should supply a city and full names of family members or any documentation that can give a clue about where to search.

He communicates in Spanish, with only limited knowledge of English. However, he has the ability to use online translation tools if necessary. Those that have worked with him have used tools such as Google Translate to help communicate with him as needed.

Fees: €20 euro (or approximately $25) per page of transcription

Additional fees for work vary depend on the island and facility in where research is conducted. Some places allow photographs of the original pages, such as the Archivo Histórico Provincial de Las Palmas (wills, dowries, sales, etc).

In order to avoid international currency conversions and overseas delivery, all transactions are through Paypal. Customers should have a Paypal account. See:

Juan Ramon Garcia Torres:

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