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A beautifully written story of one of the ancient heroes of the Canary Islands, a chief named Doramas, and how his name has come down to us in the 21st century.  The site also includes genealogical charts for the Doramas family. (En Espanol) -

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"Historical memoir of the war in West Florida and Louisiana in 1814-15 : with an atlas" A. Lacarrière Latour
"Spanish in New Orleans and Louisiana" JosÈ de Pedro MarquÈs de Casa Mena
"Spaniards, Planters, and Slaves: The Spanish Regulation of Slavery in Louisiana, 1763-1803" Gilbert C. Din
" The history of the discovery and conquest of the Canary Islands" Juan de Abreu de Galindo, George Glas
"Dialect Death: The Case of Brule Spanish" Charles E. Holloway
"The Discovery of Mankind: Atlantic Encounters in the Age of Columbus" David Abulafia
"Populating the Barrera: Spanish Immigration Efforts in Colonial Louisiana" by Gilbert Din
"La odisea de los canarios en Texas y Luisiana" José M. Balbuena Castellano (SPANISH)
"Emigración por reclutamientos: canarios en Luisiana" Juan Manuel Santana Pérez, José Antonio Sánchez Suárez (SPANISH)
La tradición hispanocanaria en Luisiana Samuel G. Armistead (SPANISH)
El dialecto canario de Luisiana Manuel Alvar (SPANISH)
"The Spanish in Colonial Mobile and Alabama, 1780-1813"  by John ODonnell Rosales
"Heráldica de Los Apellidos Canarios, Volume 1 & 2" by Lino Chaparro d'Acosta (SPANISH) - contains information on Canarian names
"Linajes Isoranos Tomo I & II" by Nelson Díaz Frías (SPANISH) - contains lineages of families around the region of Guía de Isora, Tenerife.
"Testamentos Aroneros Tomo 1 & II" by Nelson Díaz Frías (SPANISH) - contains will and testaments around the region of Arona, Tenerife.
"Libro del Poblamiento de Tenerife.  Vol 1, 2, & 3" by José - Luis Machado (SPANISH) - shows marriages in Tenerife (many showing the chidren and their marriages) from the later part of the 15th to into the 18th century. Derived from protocolos de escribanos.
"Perfiles humanos de los primeros asentamientos realejeros tras la conquista" by Antonio Luque Hernández (SPANISH) - shows early civil records of Los Realejos region of Tenerife
"Los Patronos de la Virgen del Pino de Teror" by Miguel Rodríguez Díaz de Quintana (SPANISH) - covers families of the church of Teror in Gran Canaria
"Una ascendencia canaria de cinco siglos" by Faneque Hernández Bautista (SPANISH) - covers some general family history of the Canaries
"La burguesía agraria del Valle de La Orotava (1750-1823)" by Adolfo Arbelo García (SPANISH) - covers  the emergence of a bourgeoisie able to carry out an entrepreneurial and revolutionary work takes a primordial role. Starting from the analysis of the social reality of the Valley of La Orotava from the second half of the eighteenth century.
"Correspondencia canario-americana: familia y redes sociales" by Adolfo I. Arbelo García (SPANISH) - covers 120 Canarian-American collected letters of a wide sample of the relations between the Canary Islands and an extensive number of territories of the New World.
"Al recibo de esta . . .: Relaciones epistolares canario-americanas del siglo XVIII" by Adolfo I. Arbelo García (SPANISH) - covers 186 letters written during the eighteenth century and carefully compiled and transcribed after an exhaustive research in the Provincial Historical Archive of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Its authors are inhabitants of the Canary Islands who made the decision to migrate to America and who write from the city they have arrived at, this being a place of transit, an accidental or chosen temporary refuge, or the final destination chosen to settle and Start a new life, which is not always expected to be long lasting. Organized according to the places of writing (Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, United States, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Venezuela)
"Apellidos en Telde durante el siglo XVII: evolución, transformación y variación" by Jesús Emiliano Rodríguez Calleja (SPANISH) - covers surnames in Telde during the 17th century. The different surnames used in Telde (Gran Canaria) during the 17th century, when the population is already consolidated after the process of settlement of the previous century. The different ways of transmission as well as the variation of surnames because of a changeable orthography, alteration in letters or feminization are analysed
"Memoria de Moya. 250 Años de Índices de Bautismos en la Villa de Moya. (1593-1843)" by Carmelo Jesús Santiago Casañas.  (SPANISH) - covers the indexes to baptisms of Moya, Gran Canaria between 1593-1843.
"Documentos para la historia de Icod de los Vinos: 1589-1866" by José A. Glez. Marrero y Sergio A. Oliva López (SPANISH) - covers an analysis of documentary, sacramental and notarial sources about the population of the north of Tenerife for almost 300 years. The extract of all the marriages celebrated in the parish of San Marcos is transformed into an almost biographical account, through the details provided by the dispensations, the letters of dowry and the testaments of the inhabitants of the municipality.

"Extractos de los protocolos notariales de Los Realejos: Juan Alonso Romero 1603-1606" (SPANISH) - The period analyzed here corresponds to the first half of the seventeenth century, a period of time that is important from a genealogical point of view, since people and relationships are difficult to find in other traditional documentary sources , as are the items of baptism, marriage or death.

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